Friday, November 16, 2012

Why Jews Vote for Democrats: Part 7

Yesterday, American's Worst Rabbi today gave seven reasons why Jews vote for Democrat, each of which I will address in turn.. In this installment, we'll deal with the claim that Jews vote for Democrats because they fail to see the appeal of Christian tradition. [Other installments can be found here.]

We join Pruzansky already in progress...

Finally, and sad to say, most Jews today are committed secularists who are uncomfortable with any expression of faith in the public domain. 

Sad to say? 99.99 percent of the public faith-expressing is done by Christians. It makes you SAD that Jews don't want to hear about Jesus? It makes you SAD that Jews are uncomfortable about having the gospel shoved down their throats? It makes you SAD that Jew prefer not look at a cross and be reminded of the centuries of persecutions that were committed under that symbol?  How remarkable. For most of our history Jews have attempted to resist public faith messages. They did this because they wished to remain Jewish. Now - 180 degree turn - this foolish Rabbi thinks its unfortunate that Jews wish to continue shutting their ears to foreign faiths.

The Democratic Party is therefore their natural home, even if American history and politics have been informed by faith from the very founding of the country. The Democrats have moved on from that premise, and in their desire to transform the United States, have disconnected it from those roots.

The founders were awful Christians who would feel deeply out of place in any 21st century church. But even if we embrace the FOX sponsored lie and pretend that the founders were pious believers, and strict Christians, why should it make a Jew unhappy to see that style of faith left behind? A Jew should rejoice to see Christianity weakened. Like the return to Zion, it is something for which we have prayed for centuries! And, more to the point, why does this Rabbi think that Judaism is harmed when Christianity is harmed? Is he not able to distinguish one from the other?

But those roots should be attracting Jews, if they truly understood their faith. 

Christian roots should be attracting Jews? Has the Rabbi gone mad?

The growing trend of Jews moving to conservative ideas is reflective both of the attractions of tradition and the ongoing disappearance of the secular Jew. 

I hate how Pruzansky strips the word "tradition" all meaning and presents it as some sort of one size fits all religious sweater. Not all traditions are created equal. Jewish and Christian tradition are not the same. I am emphatically not interested in anything Christian tradition has to say and I support anything that damages and undermines Christian faith. Any Jew with an ounce of Jewish pride and a modicum of knowledge about Jewish history would feel the same. 

Pruzansky has already told us that Jews are supposed to know right from wrong and truth from error. So why does he go all wishy-washy when it comes to condemning beliefs systems, like Christianity, that are wrong? Why does he instead bemoan the fact that Jews are less interested in it than ever?


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