Friday, November 02, 2012

Where's Israel in our hour of need?

Did Israel drop the ball? For once American Jews need THEIR help. Did the Jewish state come through for Jews devastated by Sandy?

Does anyone love Israel more than the uber-Zionist Jews who live on the South Shore of Long Island? Hard to imagine. They visit often, donate promiscuously to Israeli causes, buy bonds, send their kids to Israeli schools, and remember the Jewish state in their prayers. Whenever a crisis of any kind hits Israel, their shuls are littered with flyers and besieged by visitors begging for emergency funds. You can be sure that if a place like Bet Shemesh or Hashmonaim was under water, the shuls in towns like Merrick and Oceanside and West Hempstead and Woodmere would step up, and step up generously.

* The four places I list above are the largest MO bases on the South Shore. Of course there are heterodox communities there, too, and they are even more numerous and even more generous toward Israeli causes. 

So it's fair to ask: Where's Israel in our hour of need? Are Israeli shuls and communities organizing support drives? Are funds being collected? And please don't misunderstand. I am not complaining about individuals acting alone. I'm certain anyone who can help has already written a check. The question isn't about individuals. Its about communities. Are organized efforts underway? Or does the communal aid and concern flow only one way?


Seen on Twitter: "when u make aliyah ur job is over." I think that just about sums it up. Move to Israel, and you become part of a new Jewish priestly caste. "Your job is over", but we're supposed to support you with something akin to Trumot and Maasrot in exchange for the holy work you're allegedly doing merely by living overseas.

I'm HAPPY to be wrong. In fact I hope this post is totally wrong. 
Please scan and send me all flyers and posters distributed in your Israeli shul that ask ppl to help US Jews who are now homeless and carless thanks to Sandy. B'n I'll post all of them here.

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Anonymous said...

Money flows in one direction as we are the wealthy ones and they the poor. Meshulachim do not travel to Israel for hachnasas kalla to collect for their son/daughter apt. in new square.

Moshe said...