Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The crazy is strong with them

Yeranen Yaakov writes to the president:

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your winning a second term in office. Now that your campaign's dirty politics, mudslinging, and blatant lies against your opponent have come to an end, I want to point out a few wrong decisions that you have made in your first term - and earlier - that make myself and people like me shudder in fear.

DB: Did you fail to notice Romney's dirty politics, mudslinging, and blatant lies? More to the point have you failed to notice how politics work? Every candidate slings mud. You can't win without going negative. But when it comes to lying, Mitt won that race.

First and foremost, you have rivaled your predecessor Jimmy Carter in being the most anti-Israel president in history. 

DB: Where did we get the idea that Carter was an anti-Israel president? He negotiated the Camp David Accords, for heavens sake, also known as the "best thing that ever happened to Israel."  

You implemented a useless freeze on settlements, 

DB: No. Netanyahu "implemented" the freeze. All Obama did was ask for it.  Netanyahu is the one who said, Yes sir, and went ahead with it. And, because everyone forgets this, let me remind you that George Bush also asked for a freeze. Israel said no to him. So why, as an American, should we be mad at the president who was strong enough to get what he thought was in the best interests of America? Why are we blaming Obama's for Netanyahu's weakness? As the prime minister of Israel it was in Netanyahu's power to reject the request. He didn't, and that's on him. Not Obama

 your Vice-President and State Department have berated Israel for building in Jerusalem, Israel's capital

DB: That's longstanding US policy. Condi Rice also berated Israel for building in Jerusalem. It didn't start with Obama.

and your spokesmen have refused to actually name Jerusalem Israel's capital. 

DB: That's longstanding US policy. The Bush people also were reluctant to  name Jerusalem Israel's capital. 

You deemed Jerusalem "undivided" only to backtrack on that the next day. Your policy on Iran leaves me feeling less secure than four years ago, and your support of the Arab Spring leaves us wondering if a Muslim Caliphate is on its way.

DB: Stop wondering. Its not "on its way"

 Your first foreign speech in Cairo left all freedom-loving people trembling in fear. 

DB: No it didn't

Meanwhile, an ill Jonathan Pollard is languishing in prison, and you couldn't care less. 

DB How much did either Bush or Ronald Reagan care about this issue?

And to top it off, your arrogant, condescending treatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu is a perfect example of how anti-Israel you are. 

DB: Yeah inviting him to the White House and feting him on multiple occasions, sure was arrogant. Look dummy, you have it exactly backwards. Netanyahu needs Obama. Not the other way around. And when you need someone as much as Israel needs us, you don't act as rudely and as disruptively as Netanyahu has acted toward the president. Just who is the super power here? 

 Yes, you have to deal with him every day, as you whined to former PM Sarkozy. You have rivaled Jimmy Carter indeed.

DB: Not to belabor the point, but just WHAT did Jimmy Carter do during his presidency that was bad for Israel? Did he sell sophisticated planes to Israel's mortal enemy? (Reagen) Did he drag Israel to the peace table by threatening her with the cancelation of loan guarantees? (Bush 1) Did he create the Road Map or become the first US president to openly speak of a two state solution? (Bush 2) Just what did he do?

Your social agenda makes me wonder whether I'm in the same country in which I grew up. Your support for same-gender marriage is abhorrent, especially for a president. 

DB: No, its categorically the same as Kennedy's support for civil rights, and marvelous.

Your anti-life policies are just as bad, 

DB: Pro-choice. Not "anti-life" See if you can work out the difference.

and I can't for the life of me understand how you can force religious constituents to defy their beliefs to follow your liberal agenda.

DB: That's because it isn't what he does.

With regard to your fiscal policies, your "fair share" speeches leave me feeling that your sense of fairness is heavily skewed. It may work nicely in the Sherwood Forest, but in reality, the only word I can use for it is "redistribution". 

DB: Aren't you clever. Is it also called "redistribution" when we tax the middle class to pay for things that disproportionately benefit rich people? What about corporate welfare? Also "redistribution?"

Unemployment lingers around 8% and isn't getting much better.

DB:  Check the paper. We've has several months of improvements. It IS getting much better.

ObamaCare has a few good points, but the fact that it basically levies a giant tax - as the Supreme Court deemed it - on the tax-paying part of the nation - and in the middle of a national economic struggle - is simply baffling.

Your past isn't reassuring to me either. Your learning in a midrassa in Indonesia makes me wonder who and what shaped the views of your youth. Your ties to Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Wright, and Rashid Khalidi should have marginalized you long ago, and yet you endure

DB: This nonsense again? Learn how to operate Snopes.

In short, I'm pretty much against everything you are for. That said, I have come to terms that you will be the President of the United States for the next four years, and will have to live with it. Nevertheless, you should not be surprised if people like me move out of the country during the next four years. We love our country, but not the direction we see it moving.

DB: Yeah, protest Obama's election by moving to a place like Israel, where the taxes are higher, socialized medicine is already in place, and Muslims serve in the parliament. Idiot. 

I will pray to G-d that He will give you the wisdom to do the right things for the sake of this nation and the world.
DB: Haven't we been taught "Lev Melech b'yad Hashem?" That a king's decisions are guided by God? So isn't it a wee bit inconsistent for someone like you, who allows the Sages to tell him which shoe to put on first, to worry about Obama?

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