Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why Jews vote for Democrats: Part 4

American's Worst Rabbi today attempts to explain why Jews vote for Democrat. He gives seven reasons, each of which I will address in turn. In this installment, we'll deal with the claim that Jews vote Democrats because our hatred of gays is insufficient. [Other installments can be found here.]

We join Pruzansky already in progress...

Thus, the fourth reason why most Jews are Democrats – since Israel’s fate is of tangential interest to many –

Israel's fate is also of tangential interest to most Republicans! No one, outside of Jews and evangelicals, really pays any attention to Israel or the Middle East. So if most people who vote Democrat don't give two hoots about Israel, the same can be said of most who vote Republican. They also don't give two hoots about Israel! And again, Pruz needs to go back to logic school. You can't argue that Jews vote for Democrats "because they don't care about Israel" when they could very easily vote for Republicans -- also without caring about Israel!

 is that they 

Like the Biblical prophets....

are more aroused by the social agenda than by any other concern, including Israel. Many Jews are obsessed with abortion rights, and see it as a sacrament. They are fanatics about individual rights and freedoms, and loathe any constraints on personal behavior (even the Torah’s!) 

I feel very safe declaring that 99.99 percent of the people who vote Republican also would loath the Torah's constraints on personal behavior. 

And, by the way, don't Republicans loath gun laws, and helmet laws, and environmental laws, and laws that govern workplaces, including laws that tell you who to hire, how to insure them, and how to protect them from injury?  Why yes, of course they do! So, what in God's name is Pruzansky thinking when he suggests Republicans are cool with constraints on their personal behavior? Republicans HATE being told what to do. Did Pruz miss that whole Tea Party thing?

Jews, in fact, seem uniquely inimidated [SIC] by the contrived threats to these newfound freedoms. And they are in the forefront of transforming traditional society – supporting same-sex marriage, alternative lifestyles, and the abolition of any notion of objective morality. 

Yes. And can you work out the reason why? Its because we know that Jews are safest when the government understands that it has no business poking its nose into our private lives. If we permit the government to start dictating morality, what guarantee do we have that the government will always dictate our morality? Better that the government should stay out of the morality business all together. (Other then when there is a clear victim)

Strange, one might think, because Jews introduced to the world the concept of objective moral norms transmitted to us by the Creator of the universe.

No. not strange at all. I don't surrender my norms when I insist that enforcing those norms is not the government's proper role. I don't ask the government to enforce Shabbos,  do I? Yet I'm still able to observe Shabbos. So why do I need the government's help enforcing the Torah's position on homosexuality? What good has ever come -- in the whole history of the human race - from mixing church and state? 

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