Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things I don't care about: The Petraus scandal

Can someone please explain why I should care if General Betray-us had a girlfriend on the side? Am I supposed to be surprised that powerful people screw each other? Let them screw each other instead of screwing me. (rim shot)

Also, are there really conservatives Einsteins out there who think Petraeus worked this out in advance to spare himself from testifying on the Benzhaghi thing? Or is this just a little joke?

Finally, where are patriotic Americans like Bill O'Reilly supposed to stand on this scandal? On the one hand, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS is the prime directive, and the General looks so hot in that uniform. But, on the other hand, maybe we can nail Obama if we kick one of his appointees...What to do, what to do. Such a dilemma. 

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