Monday, November 19, 2012

Why is Evil Barry Being So Nice to Israel?

So, no surprises here but Evil Barry, the illegitimate Muslim president of the United States, is overwhelmingly supporting one side, and one side only, in the latest Israel/Gaza dust up.  Only wait: This is a surprise! He's supporting Israel. (not the surprise) And even GOP Jews have noticed it! (that's the surprise.)

Here's a message I received from one user of Facebook this weekend:
Hi DB,OK you can gloat – but don’t overdue it, gloating is bad for your spiritual health :-) 
Posted on my FB wall:
To all my pro-Obama friends (and u know who u are): Kudos to the President for standing behind Israel during these first 4 days of Operation "Amud Anan". He is coming through big time, saying the right things and not pressuring Israel to stop. Final judgement reserved till end of the operation, but so far .... props to Obama !
Gloating? Mwah? There's nothing to gloat about, aside from the fact that (a) I was totally and completely right all along, and (b) all of those pessimistic predictions about how evil second-term Barry was going to be have been shown to be completely unfounded!

I compliment and congratulate those GOP Jews who are honest enough to admit this. Welcome to the light.

Now, please see if you can do something about the bleary-eyed Fox-watching morons who are still  convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the support and friendship Obama continues to show Israel is ALL PART OF HIS EVIL PLAN TO EVENTUALLY ONE DAY DESTROY THE WORLD AND/OR MAKE US ALL COMMUNISTS.

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