Thursday, November 08, 2012

The madness of Pruz

Shorter Steven Pruzansky: My, God! I can't believe they let black and  Hispanics vote in this country!
The Democrat begins any race with a substantial advantage. The liberal states – like the bankrupt California and Illinois – and other states with large concentrations of minority voters as well as an extensive welfare apparatus, like New York, New Jersey and others – give any Democratic candidate an almost insurmountable edge in electoral votes. 
He might have just as easily written: The Republican begins any race with a substantial advantage. The conservative states – like welfare states that take more federal money than they pay, such as  West Virginia and Alaska  – and other states with large concentrations of evangelical voters  – give any Republican candidate a head start.

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I'm starting to wonder what the Pruz is hiding. Nobody can be as xenophobic as him and not be hiding something insanely kinky.

Uhm: "Romney lost because the conservative virtues – the traditional American virtues – of liberty, hard work, free enterprise, private initiative and aspirations to moral greatness – no longer inspire or animate a majority of the electorate." Romney lost because a country is not a business it is a social construct. Romney lost because more people understood that words like "liberty" are codes for greed, and none have one tiny thing to do with morals and lack any real virtue. And greed alone can only sustain a few and not all. America is finally getting smart--finally.

I hate the whole message, the whole idea, that America is only and forever what we say it is, and not what other legitimate Americans say it is. No doubt he makes the same error of reasoning when he considers frumkeit.

What is scariest to me, is that someone with so much hate in his heart for anyone who holds an opinion different from his own (and an assumption that that individual must be unintelligent because of that different viewpoint) could be a Rabbi and a leader and in the same breathe as these spiteful words, praise his service of God. That is so much scarier than anything going on in this country’s politics right now and it should scare Republican and Democratic Jews alike. What a waste of a position of power.

He certainly one-uped Romney, this piece is an insult to more than 47% of the country.

I can't tell what annoys me more, his condescension or his racism.
To me, it is the racism. I cannot believe that he could write like this given that our community historically has suffered such discrimination. To the anti-semite, they do not care if you are conservative or liberal, Republican or Democratic. We suffered from the same attitude he is displaying in his blog.

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