Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why do Jews vote Democrat: Part 3

American's Worst Rabbi today attempts to explain why Jews vote for Democrat. He gives seven reasons, each of which I will address in turn. In this installment, we'll deal with the claim that Jews vote Democrats because ... hmmm.. as you'll there is actually no argument given here . [Other installments can be found here.]

We join Pruzansky already in progress...

That engenders the third reason why Jews remain tenacious Democratic voters. 

He consistently uses the word "engenders" in the sense of "brings us to" which is not a sense of the word recognized by the dictionary.

The dark secret is that few Jewish Democrats vote with Israel as their main concern, or even as a major interest. 

How does Pruz know this? And is he making the very common mistake of conflating support for Likud with support for Israel? I can oppose settlements and still support Israel can't I? (This is a bad example as plenty of Republican presidents, including Saints Reagan and Bush, also opposed settlements, but you get my point.) 

As long as the rhetoric is innocuous enough, the real policies do not matter. There is also a segment of the Jewish community that, by reasonable standards, can be construed as anti-Israel.

Right. We call them "Satmar Chasidim" 

They make common cause with Israel’s enemies, support boycott of and divestment from Israel, oppose Jewish settlement in the heartland of Israel and favor the establishment of another Palestinian state, and/or are openly hostile to Israel exercising its right of self-defense – ever, under any circumstances. 

There are lots of things on this list, many of which do not belong together. Opposing settlements is categorically different from supporting divestment. And, let's point this out again: Two of the items on this list -- opposing settlements and supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state - were the official positions of the last Republican president, while the incumbent and previous Democratic president emphatically supported Israel's right to self-defense! So why -- other than rank dishonesty -- is Pruz pinning this laundry list on the Democrats?

Some Jews even oppose the Jewish national idea, and think Israel itself is illegitimate.

We still talking about Satmar?

 The one common denominator is that all those Jews vote for the Democratic Party. They are not the only Jews who vote for the Democrat, but all those Jews do vote for the Democrat.

Pruz has fallen off a cliff. He's supposedly written this long-winded turd burger to explain to us why Jews vote Democrats. However, merely pointing out that people who support A- Z vote for Democrats does not achieve this. It doesn't tell us WHY they vote Democrat which, allegedly, is the point of the exercise. 


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