Monday, November 18, 2013

Why did the Times run a photo of a terrorist's mother?

Mohammed Ballas/Associated Press
Relatives of a Palestinian accused of stabbing an Israeli soldier visited his mother, Silwa Gawadreh, at her West Bank home

Why did the Times run a photo of a terrorist's mother?

[see it here:]

a) The Times hates Israel. Figuring out new ways to bash Israel or to generate sympathy for terrorists is one of their driving editorial objectives. In fact, reporters are rewarded on the basis of how often they can fit false accusations into their stories.

b) The Times is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and/or Al Queda. The general director of the United Terrorist Alliance personally chose the photograph

c) We're not sure how it happened, but because the Times is run by robots who never make mistakes or exercise bad judgement you can be certain they did this on purpose.

d) It was a bad (ok: terrible) choice, likely made by a stressed our editor working under deadline who, because of the failures of the photographers, may not have had a better shot at hand. But because bad choices have, in the past, been made in ways that favor Israel we can presume that there was no deliberate malice at work here.
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