Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scholastic's horrible anti-Israel sin

Today was a great day for the paranoid Zionists of the world. They got to add Scholastic, the huge publishing house, to the list of people, corporations and countries that hate Israel. Here's a taste of brilliance from YNW:

That the PA (Palestinian Authority) and Hamas have eradicated Israel is not a chiddush but when one sees the Scholastic has joined the anti-Israel community, this is somewhat shocking and alarming.

Scholastic's big crime? Publishing a kiddie book with a kiddie map in it that does not feature Israel. Here it is:

Syria is missing, too!
But has anyone seen the rest of the book? It is possible that context explains this? Perhaps the map belongs to a Hamas operative?  Or, perhaps someone misunderstood  the famous Zionist slogan about how Jordan is Palestine?

In any event, Scholastic has apologized, deeply and sincerely. They've also published plenty of actual maps, in actual atlases that include Israel.See? So maybe we should do as @efink suggested on Facebook and drop the pitchforks? Sorry guys, but Scholastic looks clean.

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