Friday, November 15, 2013

Slut Shaming Dina

Personally, I don't think the sources slut-shame Dina. I think the people interpreting the sources are the slut-shamers. Or, worse, they are big time anti-slut shamers who give the sources unfounded negative interpretations for the sole purpose of demeaning them. Case in point: Rashi calls Dina a yatzanis "just like her mother". Lots of people I know in shul says this means Rashi is blaming Dina for the crime committed against her. But says who. Does yatzanis have to be a pejorative? Is Rashi really insulting one of the matriarchs? He does say Dina was a yatzanis just like her mother.  And let's note that Rashi doesn't say Dina was raped because she was a yatzanis. He says she "went out to see the daughters of the land" because she was a yatzanis. Not the same thing

Let's look at the sources:

Abarbanel thinks Dina didn't do anything wrong by "going out to see the girls of the land [Gen 34:1]". He writes that she only went out to see how girls dressed (she had no sisters and was curious) and certainly didn't go out alone. The LR understands Rashi as speaking positively about Dina. He says that just as Dina's mother Leah went out lshem shamayom [Gen 30:16] so did Dina. Leah wanted to have children and increase the number of tribes while her saintly daughter Dina wanted to be mekarav the "bnos haaretz"

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