Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Somewhat Complete DovBear Pesach Collection

How the Passover laws changed (Part 1)

Why the Passover laws changed (Part 2)

More on boiling the Passover offering

A Torah True History of Quinoa on Passover

Quinoa on Pesach 2.0

Why I Don't Eat Kitniyot On Pesach

Passover Psychology

Miriam's Cup
I had never heard of Miriam’s Cup at the seder before and I set out to find out what it means, is it feminist, conservative, reform, or modern orthodox? by HSABOMILNER

Passover Purchases

Pesach and Wasting Food

Great moments in Price Gouging

Chaval Siddur Pesach

Why we think we were redeemed in the merit of keeping out names? ...

Eating matzah on Erev Pesach
(One who eats matzah on the eve of Passover is like one who has intimate relations with his bride-to-be in his [future] father-in-law's home. ) ...

Pesach 1865: What Jews did when Lincoln was shot

Why do we read the vision of the valley dry bones on the Shabos of Chol Hamoed?

NYT hearts Matzo

Wanted: special chumros for Pesach
My daughter came home from school yesterday with an unusual homework project. She has to write down a special chumra we do for Pesach.

Fun facts(?) to know and tell about Pesach
Aside for the one about Coke, I have absolutely no idea if these are true...

Pesach Gripes

Dear Jews: McDonalds would like to spend Pesach with you

How to run a Seder
A seder is primarily a teaching tool. Everyone present should be prepared to learn and to teach, to share something brief but brilliant, and to listen patiently when it's the other fellows turn. So long as this rule is followed, the more snippets the better. This chatter is part of the charm of the seder. I couldn't imagine doing without it.

Was the first matzo kosher l'pesach?

Charoset: The Untold True Story
My theory on Charoset is that it was either an ordinary condiment or a year-round treat in the ancient world.

This is not a complaint about my wife

On baseball in general and Pesach in particular

Go get some g'broks!

Whe we really eat matzoh and bitter herbs (maybe)

The sixty-second seder

Scenes from the Kneidel fressing contest

I have an imitation bagel. It's called a matzo

How did they sit at the first korbon pesach?

Defending the diaspora's second day of Yom Tov

The Seder is a Modified Symposia
The rituals and forms of the Seder are very similar to the forms of the symposia, a type of Greek banquet which was wildly popular in the ...

Seder wrap up
No brushing your teeth on seder night. Otherwise the taste of the matzah might not last until morning. (What about the last two cups of wine?)

Why was Rabbi Akiva's Seder different from all others?
Something was definitely up in Benai Brak

Eggs at the Seder
Many Seders serve eggs at the start of Shulchan Orech. Reasons and lessons of this custom are varied and numerous.

Maror in the middle
If your plate  is like 999 out of 1000 it's arranged with the maror in the middle, but did you know that this arrangement is not the one originally used 


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