Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's get this Pesach party started

How do I love this video, let me count the ways...

First, great music;

Second, nice looking woman;

Third, precociously adorable kids;

Fourth, contagious, boundless exuberance about Pesach;

Fifth, the absence of "ironic" or meta Pesach negativity. These tropes have become so common, its almost a shock to see a Pesach video that contains no complaints about matzo, or long seders, or anxious parents, or misfits who require appeasement or accommodation.

Sixth, the way its doubtlessly religious without also being culturally frum;

Seventh, and here we come to the best part, I love how it represents a reclaiming of Passover on behalf of all Jews. The people in this video are unabashedly Jewish. They believe in God and recognize the acts of the Exodus as being essential to their religious and cultural identity. But they are celebrating it on their own terms, with no apologies or deference to Charedi-ism.  This video contains not even a feint to RW sensibilities, yet only the worst kind of narrow minded RW Jew would say that these people aren't his people.

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