Monday, April 09, 2012

Seder wrap up

Time finished
After two am both nights, but really, who cares? We like each other. We like to talk. It was fun.

Potato, of course. Anyone know why they call it Karpas? We couldn't figure it out.

Main courses
Meat loaf, turkey in gravy, meatballs. Biggest problem was the abominable nongebroks matzo balls. Long story, there, about which the less said the better.

Stringency of the year
No brushing your teeth on seder night. Otherwise the taste of the matzah might not last until morning. (What about the last two cups of wine, and the other beverages you're permitted to drink? What about the fact that some hold that the time for eating afikomin ends at chatzos, meaning other foods may be eaten after that hour? Announcer of the stringency had no answer, and got snooty/huffy when challenged declaring that sure, you can find leniencies for anything, without bothering to contemplate that perhaps "no brushing your teeth on seder night" is a stringency. )

Best observations
Moshe's career began with the daughter of pharaohs stretched out arm, and plataued with god's outstretched arm.

Pharaoh was Moshe's surrogate (grand)father, lending an Oedipal flavor to the events of the exodus.

Pharaoh being "kaved" would seem to extend to his attempt to pretend that he never went to the bathroom (midrash)

Prediction for next year's super stringency
At my Seder, one of the young men grew concerned when, upon peeling his egg, too much of it came off with the shell. Is this ok, he asked his father? Do I need a new egg? This, I thought, is really how it starts

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Anonymous said...

Karpas means green vegetable. You use potatoes because that's all they had in Russia