Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peek a Jew: Our George Zimmerman

These two fine specimens of Jewish manhood are accused of beating a black teenager as part of their Godly work for a tough and macho neighborhood watch society in Baltimore, MD. Try not to drool, ladies.

Here's how Us News describes their heroic activities:
The Werdesheims are accused of beating a 15-year-old boy who was walking through a Baltimore neighborhood in November 2010. The brothers pulled up next to the teen in a vehicle, then got out and surrounded him, according to charging documents. The passenger threw the teen to the ground and the driver hit him in the head with a hand-held radio and patted him down.
So, summary: a 15 year old was walking-while-black when up rode the Werdesheims who instantly perceived that the kid was, indeed, black.  After he arrogantly refused to cease-and-desist being black the brothers smacked him around, ironically leaving him black and also blue.

The only mystery here is why hasn't our local pidyon shivuyim gabbai come around collecting for their defense? And where is Rabbi Zweibel of Agudath Israel? He's usually at the forefront of cases such as this making impassioned pleas for heavenly mercy intertwined with cheap indictments of the system and claims of antisemitism. And shouldn't Yaakov Menken have weighed in by now to tell us how much the police and media hate Jews? Perhaps the problem is the brothers are dressed wrong. Tiny yammis and purple ties? Yaakov Menken and Rabbi Zweibel might not even realize that they are Jewish!

Let's see how quickly the Chareidi Reputation Protection Peope wake up if they grow beards and go Lubovitch.

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