Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Neturai Karta Does History for Children

A guest post by GA

This is Let's traumatize our children (Part 2)
This is a children’s book published (or “poblished,” as the dialectically-accurate back cover states) by a Neturei Karta/Satmar group of some sort. In a nutshell (with the emphasis on nuts), a child asks his grandfather about the Israeli political elections, and the grandfather, in explaining why their sect does not vote, recounts an unflattering history of Zionism. I originally saw this book featured in a movie at a Jewish film festival two years ago (to the audience’s gasps), and I have tried intermittently to track it down

The book’s highlights include the following:
The founders of the State of Israel depicted as a sinister, beer-chugging group that looks like a who’s who of various Hagadahs’ wicked sons. (Spoiler Alert: The guy in the red t-shirt puts on a necktie in a subsequent frame in which he is being sworn in at the Knesset. His t-shirt and shorts remain.)
 A Yemenite man being told by an Israeli doctor that his son has died. The doctor subsequently sells the baby for $20,000 to a blond man wearing sunglasses indoors. The graveyard in the background is a nice touch.
A boy having his Peyos cut off with gardening shears while Israeli kids look in laughter (What is with all the blondes? And why the G on his t-shirt? Goy?).
Finally, said Zionists look on with contented smirks while bearded and side-locked Jews are herded to the gas chambers and crematoria.


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