Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leading Conservative Commentator Wishes for U.S. to be More Like Syria

Here's Cal Thomas from Clown Hall
We won't win this war if we permit the uncontrolled construction of mosques, as well as Islamic schools, some of which already have sown the seeds from which future terrorists will be cultivated. We won't win this war if we continue to permit the large-scale conversion to Islam of prison inmates, many of whom become radicalized and upon release enlist in al-Qaida's army.
And if we continue to allow Satmar Hasidim the right to procreate we're soon going to be ruled by someone named Teitelbaum!
Even Syria understands the threat better than our own government. The New York Times reported on Sept. 3 that the Syrian government has asked imams for recordings of their Friday sermons and has begun closely monitoring what is taught in religious schools: "(Syria), which had sought to show solidarity with Islamist groups and allow religious figures a greater role in public life, has recently reversed course, moving forcefully to curb the influence of Muslim conservatives in its mosques, public universities and charities."
Yes, indeed. Let's model ourselves on the best practices of the anti-Freedom, America-hating, oppressed, depressed, and repressed Middle East. Good thinking.
What does Syria know that we refuse to acknowledge out of fear of offending "sensibilities"?
Its not about "sensibilities" Benito. It's about fundamental freedoms, our founding values, and the rock-solid idea that free expression and diversity make us stronger, smarter, better and happier.

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