Saturday, September 11, 2010

High heels and the Rosh Hashana Musaf

Required Housekeeping First
We finished at 2:15 p.m on the first day and at 2:00 p.m. on the second day. I thought this was abysmally slow. My son blames the chazan, I blame the pre-shofar kiddush and the aliya auction, neither of which I have a bit of use for.

How'd you do?
I have interesting Rosh Hashana thoughts to share, but for now something mundane.

If you daven nusach ashkenaz your musaf silent Amidah takes forever. The reason is simple: this is a very long prayer -- some twenty pages in my machzor.  But if you daven nusach sefard, the same prayer takes two forevers and three days. This is because sefard congregations sound the shofer at three points during the silent Amidah,at the end of various sections, and the blower of the shofar does not sound it until it appears to him that most of the congregation has concluded the respective section. Meantime, people who pray quickly must wait, standing silently in place until the shofar is sounded.

Now, try doing this in high heels.

My wife was not one of them, but she reports that more than one woman wearing high heels "just gave up and sat down." Her account continues: "They stood up again for [the sounding of the] shofar, prayed until the end of the next section, then sat down again to wait."

I wonder what - if anything - the law codes have to say about this.

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