Monday, August 09, 2010

Rabbi dumps girls out of go-karts

A Guest Post by Rabba bar bar Chana

Apparently, it’s now assur for girls to participate in Go-Karting. According to an article on Ynet:

An Emmanuel rabbi upset at the sight of go-karting girls stormed the course and caused damage to the facility…

The confrontation ensued after several girls arrived at the go-karting course in the religious community. ‘Usually this doesn't happen, as I respect the spirit of the community, but one of my employees brought some young relatives who really wanted to try it out so I let them do it,’ said Amram Gutman, one of the facility's owners.

However, not everyone in Emmanuel liked the idea of girls sitting behind the wheel, and one resident present at the site informed local Rabbi Yehoida Gadasi of the breach.

‘He stormed the course, forced the girls to get out, lifted the go-karts, and simply broke them,’ one eyewitness said. ‘He turned the cars over and slammed them on the floor while uttering quite a few curses.’
This horrible breach of tzniyus could have been entirely avoided if we didn’t allow women to drive. But allowing frum women to drive cars obviously inspired these girls to emulate their mothers.

Rabbi Gadasi, a modern-day Pinchas, took action to save B’nos Yisroel from the evils of go-karting. He should be praised! I suggest that we all support Rav Gadasi in banning any sort of leisure activity for girls. Better yet, let’s just keep them at home, out of the public eye, where they can learn to be good mothers by taking care of their younger siblings.

And I sincerely apologize for mentioning the word “girls” in a public forum. This normally unforgivable breach of tzniyus was regrettably necessary in this case, and was done only l’shem shamayim, just like Rav Gadasi’s actions in dragging teen girls out of the go-karts.

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