Thursday, August 12, 2010

The best thing I ever ate

Food Network has a show, featuring semi-famous chefs discussing their favorite restaurant dishes. As lame as its  sounds I thought it might be fun to do here.

My list follows.

Chicken at Gotlieb's. This is an old, hole in the wall in Williamsburg where only bachelors, and men needing a night out sit at long tables, cafeteria style. The atmosphere is disgusting. The walls haven't been painted since the Truman administration. But the chicken is out of this world.

Burgers at Ken's It seems like a cheap imitation of a cheap fifties style diner. Don't be deceived. The Burger Buddy is perfect (though the fries that come with it are ordinary) Its probably half a pound, thick, juicy and drenched in a great sauce. Worth going to Chicago for that alone.

Steak at Le Marias. I'm speaking of the gone and lamented Downtown Le Maries, where you could sit at the bar, listen to the piano, knock back a drink and tuck into a perfect, cafe style steak. (By the way Jews: a perfect steak is RED OR PINK inside. Trust us.) We miss you Downtown Le Maries

Falafel balls at Hamsa These balls are large, served with great dipping sauces and when the owner is in a nice mood, you can score some for free. Until I tried them , I thought falafel balls were all the same. Ha ha. Boy was I wrong.

Shwarma at Famous Pita Endless salad bar, and fantastic pitas plus the best kosher shwarma in the world, hands down. 

If any other semi-famous bloggers would like to pick up the meme, I'll link you in exchange for a link to this post.


My wife's chicken soup: Here is what you get: Perfect broth containing potatoes, leeks, squash, bits of chicken, broad egg noodles, and  a delicious matzo ball

Kugel: I confess to having no knowledge or expertise when it comes to the favorite food of Eastern European Jews; however, I must endorse the perfect clot of baked fat and potato served by a caterer operating out of New Square. ( I think)

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