Sunday, August 29, 2010

David Orlofsky repudiates his apology

Rabbi David Orlofsky has written the following letter to Luke Ford:
Dear Sir,

I’m curious – do you ever verify if what you post on your website is authentic?

The letter than you chose to post is not an official apology or anything of the kind. It is personal thoughts that I wrote up for myself to try to get a handle on what had happened. I chose to review the situation, obviously from my point of view, to try to get a grasp on why someone would take a 2 minute snippet from 5 years ago and post it on the internet.

If the purpose was to hurt me and in the process cause pain to Rabbi Weinreb, I think that is a bad thing to do. Of course I regret words said in anger – I am not alone in nthis regard. I immediately apologized to Rabbi Weinreb and sat back and watched as people piled abuse and obscenity on me for speaking poorly. Seems a tad hypocritical.

I sent this letter to my friend of twenty years Rabbi Kurland to share my thoughts. He made the mistake of forwarding it to someone he didn’t know who then sent it to you. You then posted it as if I had released it.

You have my email obviously. Why not take 10 seconds and ask me if I released this? I would have told you know, it is private. I was working on an “official” apology which of course I can’t release now, since you put this up as if it was my official view and not just me working out issues.

So after you took a private corrrespondence and posted it without authorization, you want me to apologize to you? Don’t you see something surrelistic to all this?

Ksiva VaChasima Tova.

P.S. I am writing to you PRIVATELY AND NOT FOR PBLIC RELEASE. Please respect my private correspondence to you
(Luke ignored the tacked on request for confidentiality because he holds that such requests must be made and accepted in advance. I don't agree with him - my policy is not to print letters without express permission  -  but I hold that once something has been made public, reprinting it is okay. The bell has already been rung.)

We see from this letter that David Orlofsky hasn't learned a thing.

Five years ago, in his now-famous "I took a bullet for the Gedolim" letter, Orlo "defended" the case for the 5000 year old universe by heaping unsubstantiated lies and abuse on Nosson Slifkin. When it was pointed out that absolutely nothing Orlo said about Slifkin's personal history was true, Orlo claimed that the letter was not-official and that it had been leaked by mistake. Now he's playing the same game. Rather than give Rabbi Weinreb a real apology, he put the blame on every blogger in the world, and rather than apologize to the bloggers for heaping unsubstantiated lies and abuse on them, he's claiming the apology letter was not-official, and that it was leaked by mistake.

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