Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who is this guy Art and why does he keep turning up naked?

This article is about rancher and father of 14(!) from Texas who has made it his business to get rid of the naked art (statues of half-naked women, mostly) you see everywhere in Washington D.C.
"You don't have nude art on your front porch," the Dallas Morning News quoted the delegate as telling the [GOP] platform committee at the [GOP] state party convention. "So why is it important to have that in the common places of Washington, D.C.?"
This isn't an unfair point, I suppose, except, well, we've always had nude public art in this country, and so have all of the great countries that came before us: In other words, naked art is part of our very long-standing decorating tradition, and though the argument from tradition isn't one I find especially compelling, it surprises me to see a GOP rancher and father of 14(!) from Texas demonstrating such disdain for tired and true American practices. Doesn't he know that sort of thing undermines our men in unform and makes Al Queda stronger?

Besides, if this anti-American petty-bourgeois yokel wants to get the boobs out of Washington D.C all he has to do next November is vote Democrat.

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