Monday, June 30, 2008

Cross Currents Abdication of Responsibility Watch

For reasons known only to Yaakov Menken, the wise wits who contribute to his deeply disturbing blog have not yet weighed in on this week's unprecedented attack on right-wing religion. So as a gesture of friendship and blogger-camaraderie, allow me to write the Cross Currents post I expected to see:

Leave it to those liberals in the media to criticize a god-fearing science teacher. When John Freshwater used an electro-taser device to brand his students with a cross-shaped welt all he meant to do was teach his students about Jesus's role in the regenerative property of skin cells. If we Torah True Jews don't support Freshwater's right to mutilate his students in the name of his make-believe god, you can expect the next thing liberals will attempt is a ban on milah. Count on it. The media might claim that they went after Freshwater because they have the wimpie, girlie-man idea that burning children is wrong, but we know the truth: This is about Freshwater's faith. And if we don't support Freshwater's right to deliver 50,000 watt burns in the name of his idolatry, it will mean the end of values, morals and civilization.
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