Monday, March 24, 2008

When it Comes to Mishloach Manot...

...are you a lunatic, or a lazy bones?

The two post-Purim questions on the mind of every God-fearing Jew: Did I suck up to a sufficient number of people? And did a sufficient number of people suck up to me?

I honestly don't know.

Also: Mishloach manot I liked (in 2006) (not updated)

And the idea of the year (the year was 2006) from

Moishe Potemkin Homepage 03.16.06 - 4:35 pm #
So this year's theme was an Oh Henry! bar (unwrapped) and a medical specimen bottle filled with apple juice, wrapped up neatly in a disposable diaper and labelled "Hap-PEE POO-rim from the Potemkins."

The year that gets translated from my mind to reality is the year Mme. Potemkin finally throws me out.


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