Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A response to the annual price gouging tradition

Each year, at this time, in this season, the markets and greengrocers raise their prices for Pesach. UOJ has a solution. Sounding every bit like a broadsider of old, he writes:
Stop eating all meat and poultry products -for one week - starting Sunday - the week of March 30 - until they drop their prices by 25% - You can survive on fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables for a week! Pigs!That's just before Pesach when the Jewish Cow Mafia jack up their prices by 25%! Tell them you will now take control of the "kosher" meat industry, by regulating prices and hashgochos!
*Note UOJ's original message mentioned someone by name. I don't know why this man was singled out; therefore his name isn't included here.

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