Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh, Artscroll.

Without meaning to, our friends at ArtScoll have provided an object lesson on exactly what is wrong with Judaism in 2007.

Their new book Laws of Daily Living - Volume One - Taub Edition is full of information about things like hand washing, and getting dressed and using the toilet and so on. Here's the publisher's blurb:
This first volume explores the correct application of Jewish law to common morning routines: rising; washing one's hands; getting dressed; use of the lavatory; Bircas HaTorah (the blessings before Torah study); activities prohibited before Shacharis; proper attire for prayer; environments unsuitable for prayer or Torah study; the proper way to recite a berachah and for saying Hashem's Name, donning tzitzis, tallis, and tefillin; bircas HaShachar (the morning blessings); reciting 100 berachos each day; saying Amen; and Pesukei deZimrah.
Facinating stuff, huh?

Still, wouldn't you have expected the "Laws of Daily Living" to have had a word or two about interpersonal relationships? I know I did. But, perhaps it was wise of Artscroll to leave all of that boring non-ritual stuff for another volume. After all, the book's benefactor, one Mister Sherman Taub, (ie: The "Taub" in "Taub Edition") is something less than a role model when it comes to the non-ritual side of daily living.

Oh well. As ArtScroll must have said, "His money is green so who cares?"

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