Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ed Hearts the Modern Orthodox

I'm fresh from an acutely unpleasant conversation with Ed, every one's least favorite Haredi, in which he delivers a backhanded compliment to the Modern Orthodox, by arguing that it is wrong for Jewish men to attend baseball games. How did this delightful exchange begin? When Ed chatted me to complain that I don't devote enough blog time to the shortcomings of the MO community. Always on the lookout, especially during the three weeks, for ways to improve relations between Jews, Ed helpfully suggested that I shower MO Jews with sinah :

ed: ...stop whining about every move the haredim/chasiidim make...
me: I'll stop doing that exactly 7 seconds after I start doing that, ok?
ed: mind your own business deal with your own problems... you mo's are flooded with problems but you conveniently ignore them and just focus on the charedi ones
me: I'm charedi And MO "problems" aren't as perfidous as the problems found among the charedi
Never one to disappoint, Ed eagerly provided me with some examples of MO perfidy:
ed: baseball games? mixed seating? dressed like a goy? movie rentals?
I have to say, MO people, that if the very worst thing Ed can say about you is that you rent movies and go to ball games, you're doing pretty okay.

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