Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sins of Omission


That pretty much suns up my reaction to Hamodia's account of the slap, provided by The Beadle, DovBear's Senior Slap Correspondent. Here's the money quote:
Rabbi Cohen told De Hartuch: “You’re destroying the Torah world’. De Hartuch responded by saying, “you are a beast, shut your mouth.”

As the argument heated up, De Hartuch said to him, “If you don’t shut up, I’ll slap you.” Rabbi Cohen replied, “I’m waiting.”

Rabbi Cohen later said that he only though that De Hartuch was threatening him with a slap, and he didn’t think that De Hartuch intentions were real.

At this point De Hartuch viciously smashed his fist into Rabbi Cohen’s face throwing him a meter and a half.
Interesting. Notice anything missing? IIRC, "Rabbi" Cohen further provoked Mr. De Hartuch by comparing him unfavorably to the nation that carried out an unprecedented mass murder of European Jews. Also, somehow the slap has morphed into not just a punch, but a punch that sent "Rabbi" Cohen, (no lightweight he) practically into orbit.

Related (I see The Beadle has been moonlighting at Failed Messiah. Do I fire him or offer him more money to work for me exclusively?)

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