Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Noda beYehuda on Leshem Yichud

One of the chashuv and heiliga Facebook members has helpfully translated and published the Noda be'Yehuda's thoughts on the prayer many say after counting the omer:
"Concerning the formula LESHEM YICHUD that has recently spread and has been printed in the Siddurim ... in my view this is a sore EVIL in our generation. Generations prior to our time knew NOTHING of this formula, and did NOT say it. They toiled all their days in Torah and Mitzvos, and did everything according to the Torah and according to the Poskim whose words stem from the source of living waters, the sea of the Talmud. Of them it is said; "The integrity of the upright shall guide them" (Proverbs 11:3). It is they who produced fruit above; their piety is great above the heavens! But in this generation of ours ... each one says: "I am the seer! The gates of heaven have been opened to me! The world exists because of me"! ... I have much to say about this, but just as it is a mitzvah to say what will be accepted, so too is it a mitzvah to refrain from saying what will not be accepted. May Hashem have mercy upon us."
First, check out the snark and angry language. Someone please call the tone police. We have a violator.

Second, I never say this prayer. And neither should you. And while you're at it maybe drop some of the other new fangeled, kabala-influenced reforms?  I mean if you're going to take the positiion that chodosh" is osur minhatorah and if you're going to use that motto to crush any attempt to innovate, you really shouldn't be perfoming any of the other rituals that were invented in recent history. These include kabalas shabbos, the Ari's seder plate,  upsherin, nusach sefard nanuot, and loads more. While you're at it, maybe stop forbiding your maariv chazan from wearing a talis,  avoiding gebroks, and going to the mikvah every day. Just a suggestion.

PS: I say Kabalas Shabos, of course. That's one of the many relgious reforms I accept. But then I am, generally, in favor of spiritiual and religious inovations just as I am in favor of rejecting spiritual and religious inovations that don't speak to me or "feed" me. And you?

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