Thursday, May 09, 2013

It's the End of the(ir) World as they know it... thank G-d.


It is perhaps one of the most bizarre comments ever made by a Haredi spokesman and yet it went largely un-noticed.

The reason it went un-noticed is that, bizarre as it this comment, it is much less newsworthy that the comments surrounding it, when the spokesman, Haim Valder - writing in the mainstream haredi paper Yated Neeman - compared Yair Lapid, Israel's Finance Minister to Adolf Hitler, ex-Fuhrer of the Nazi Party.

But here's the bizarre quote. Valder is talking about what will happen as a result of Lapid's proposal to revoke certain benefits from those who are neither working nor actively looking for work.
"(It hurts) our ability to live normal lives... To deny us our basic rights to stipends, municipal tax discounts, income support, food for children, ...."
In other words, Valder is claiming that Haredim have a basic right (!) to live off government (i.e. taxpayer) handouts and to help themselves to money that could otherwise be used for defense costs, public schools, or even supporting the genuinely poor (as opposed to the voluntarily poor). What Valder is saying is that the Haredi lifestyle is dependent on taking government money. What Valder is saying is that they have an inherent right to that money.

And, yet, he denies that Haredim are parasites. Amazing! Bewildering! Did you ever hear anything like it?
For the first time ever, a leading Haredi paper has describes Haredim as parasites. This is extremely significant! Why? Because now we can all feel free to use this phrase without any worries. Yated Neeman thinks they are parasites, and we agree with the Yated.

Now their world is ending. Parasitic Judaism (which began a only a short time ago) is now a threatened stream of Judaism.

In the second paragraph of the Shema, G-d says He will grant economic support for those who do His will. Since the economy of the Haredi society is now falling apart, one can only learn from this that G-d Himself, (never mind Yair Lapid) doesn't like their behavior.

And Valder, bless him, said it without a trace of irony or self-awareness

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