Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Yom Haatzmaut Message

I am a Zionist in the same way that I am a Ranger fan.

Most of the time I'm not too interested in how the team is doing. I don't follow the team on Twitter, or get involved in the day-to-day story-lines, but the history of the team interests me and when something exciting is happening in the here and now I pay close attention. If the Rangers win the Cup, I'll be happy. If they get swept, I'll be embarrassed. In either case, I'll enjoy the camaraderie and support and friendship of other Ranger fans, even if they are far more passionate about the team than I am. I'm glad to say they almost always accept me in turn.

However.... while I love being around hardcore Ranger fans, in general, and count many of them among my own family members, there is one breed of Ranger fan I wish would disappear. I consider this type of fan a discredit to the community and I find their negativity wearying and a blight on everything that is good and fun and exhilarating about supporting a team. I am speaking of the Ranger fans who are inclined to turn two blind eyes to every mistake the team makes or to accuse the media, the ref and the fans of other teams of being partners in some huge anti-Ranger conspiracy that leaves our perfect, flawless team with no choice but to violate the rules of the game. I am also speaking of the rare Ranger fan who considers me a traitor to the Ranger cause because I don't attend every game or because I also pledge allegiance to the football Giants and make time for non-sport activities. Also insufferable are the Ranger fans who have chosen to attend every game in every city, and think that their choice, and the so-called sacrifices it entails, affords them an elevated status in relation to the rest of us and entitles them to special regard. These are the types of Ranger fans I want nothing to do with, and I hope you remember that I am speaking allegorically.

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