Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cross Currents is the universe's defining authority on holiness

It is is beyond R Safran, beyond me, and beyond anyone I know who has seriously studied Torah that a holy blog like Cross Currents should force its readers to look at a nude statue of a gender-ambiguous cherub while reading a post on holiness.

(I'm worried the reference won't be understood, so let me explain that this is a parody of the post's last paragraph. The image below is what they chose to accompany the post. We have no clear indication as to what the figure's hands are doing but the Cross Current Rabbis are against it.)

More later maybe

Rabbi Safran’s important piece stimulated a flood of comments and responses, the vast majority as of yet unpublished. Most fall into a few discrete categories, and might best be dealt with en masse. Here is a brief attempt to cover a good deal of…

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