Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's all just a hat

On Twitter I saw  a Richard Dawkins acolyte announce that the hijab and the confederate flag are more or less the same, in that both symbolize oppression and subjugation. I objected on the grounds that lots of woman choose to wear hijabs (or wigs and snoods if they are Jewish) while no blacks choose to display the stars and bars. This tells us that woman don't see their religious head covering in the same way that blacks see the confederate flag. (As a result of this remark, I suddenly found myself with loads of new Muslim Twitter followers.)
It comes down to this: All meaning is personal and subjective. Demanding that a woman see her head covering in the way that you happen to see it, is almost as offensive as demanding that she wear one in the first place. Lots of women find significance in their head coverings, and choose to wear them as a result, and you don't get to define its meaning on their behalf.

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