Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Charedei Miscellanei #4


Is it time the Charedi world, and others for that matter, consider the unfortunate impacts of old age on people's minds, even of a once brilliant and popular leader?

Below is a very recent conversation between Rabbi Aron YL Shteinman and an 'avrech'. Rough translation below. 

A kolel guy asked him why his wife cant get a degree since they need income, the rabbi asked why do you need income, the fellow responded to be able to live comfortably (to get by) – the rabbi responds: I have a better idea how to live comfortably: steal....the guy asks are women studying academics really worse than stealing? So the rabbi responds it is worse, since with stealing you can repent and return the money, a woman getting a degree is not something she can repent from 

UPDATE: goes without saying this line of argument was obviously tongue in cheek 

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