Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pruzansky foot finds its way into his mouth again

Pruzansky's newest entry in the world's stupidest blogpost sweepstakes richly deserves a total take-down; unfortunately I have neither the time nor the energy at the moment.

However, I can't let this pass
His supporters, though, especially Jewish liberals but others as well, have intentionally blinded themselves to those goals and satisfied themselves with empty rhetoric, toothy smiles, and invitations to lame Chanuka parties and Pesach seders (some even held not on Chanuka or Pesach).
1. Obama is the very first president to host a Seder, and they are always held in the family dining room, for fewer than 30 people. The only Jewish liberals who get invited are the ones who work for him. The president's Seder has always been a private affair.

2. As the Christian Science Monitor explains "The seder tradition began in 2008 when candidate Obama unexpectedly joined a seder arranged by three young Jewish aides in the basement of a Sheraton hotel in Harrisburg, Pa., during some of the darkest days of his campaign. The organizers included Eric Lesser, who worked on trip logistics; campaign videographer Arun Chaudhary; and Herbie Ziskend, who did campaign advance work. After the pledge that ends the traditional seder, “next year in Jerusalem,” candidate Obama raised his glass and declared, “Next year in the White House,”recounts the Jewish Daily Forward. At the time, he was still engaged in a ferocious primary battle with Hillary Rodham Clinton." So the president doesn't host the Seder for the sake of sucking up to the Jews, but because he made a promise after connecting with Jewish staffers, and likely identifying with the story of escaping slavery.

The full charming story, with first person reflections, can be found here.

3. Because its a real Seder, not a show, and designed to honor his Jewish employees, the  president's Seder has always been held on Pesach.

4. Now, I can't say for certain if the President's Chanuka party has always been on Chanuka, but two things:

(a) Lots of Jews, including me, have hosted Chanuka parties on dates that don't coincide with Chanuka. It's not actually a big deal.

(b) Pruzansky's hero, the great George Bush famously hosted a Chanuka party nearly a full month early. Unwilling to re-arrange his precious vacation, the panderer in chief staged a mock Chanuka celebration at the White House and forced some poor unwitting Jew to light the candles (8 of them for some reason) for the president's amusement and say the blessings. If Bush cared about Chanuka, and not the photo-op, he'd have had some Jews over to his vacation mansion on the actual holiday. But that's not what he did. (The great George Bush also once sent out Chanukah cards to his favorite Jews – with a pretty Christmas tree illustration.)

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