Monday, July 20, 2015

A handful of not very good stuff...

From the awful yarmulke-wearing chillul hashem file...

Yep, Jews can be monstrous and intolerant. Surprise! Unfortunate fun begins at around 3:50:

From the with friends like these file...

Hooray! Watch a bunch of Jesus-loving RW Conservative Republicans attack the Israeli flag at a Pro Confederate flag demonstration:

What's that objection I hear? 99 percent of the actual* Jesus-loving RW Conservative Republicans would shun and condemn a bunch of KKK anti-Israel whackjobs? Very good. Now maybe you're beginning to understand how pro Israel Democrats (ie the overwhelming majority) feel! Haha!


From the Peek-A-Jew* pile...

Spot the Menorah @1:07 Apparently, the psycho author with  the anti-social tendencies is also a Jew. Damn you Hollywood! (HT: Avi - last name if he says its OK)

*I invented Peek-A-Jew. Don't use it without attribution. Thanks.

From the Lord, what is it about the color black that makes people sentimental and stupid file?

Read this

Money quote:
“But it goes deeper than that,” Mr. Kirkegaard said. “New Yorkers don’t get all nostalgic about yellow cabs. In London, the black cab is seen as something that makes London what it is. People like it that way. Americans tend to act in a more rational and less emotional way about the goods and services they consume, because it’s not tied up with their national and regional identities.”
The comparison to Judaism is immediately obvious, right?

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