Thursday, October 28, 2004


The Star-News (you may know it as the "Voice of Southeastern North Carolina") pulled an endorsment yesterday when it discovered the local Republican Party was running an ugly and mindless campaign against a candidate for the state senate. This is notable for a two reasons.

First, let me see if I have this straight. The Republican Party, ie: the Party of God and His Wisdom as Revealed via George Bush His Servant was running an ugly and mindless ad? In public? Where church ladies and Impressionable Children could run their eyes across it? ye Gods. Ugly and Mindless? That's so, so unlike the Republicans. Satan, or perhaps his second, Karl Rove, must have gotten hold of those pure Christian souls.

Second, these ugly and mindless ads attacked the Democratic candidate on the grounds that she "seeks to be the first openly gay or lesbian State Senator in North Carolina History." Do you get that? I'll spell it out for you: They went after a woman for being a lesbian. Why, that's just like, like, John Kerry! So... are all those self-righteous defenders of Mary Cheney's dignity rushing to get on TV to speak in this woman's defense? Are they fuming? And sputtering? Three guesses.

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