Friday, October 29, 2004


Mark Steyn, again, confuses himself with the whole wide world.

He says, with typical humility, that if Bush goes, he goes, because his "faith in the persuasive powers of journalism would be shattered."

Wow. Talk about raging out of control ego. What about the powers of the journalists who are supporting Kerry? Some of them (Sullivan, Hitch, Wieseltier, the Town Crier, Sarah) are rather talented in their own right. Even Miriam likes Kerry's hair.

So, if Kerry wins, maybe it says nothing about Journalism, per say. Maybe all it tells us is that Steyn sucks at what he does?


Sarah said...

Thanks for the plug and the compliment.

Your comment got me thinking . . . I do not write about American politics in my professional (paid) career as a journalist. I do write about it a bit on my blog.

In my mind, my blog-- where I express my opinions much more than I do in my paid writing-- is separate from my journalism, my professional career. Unless I'm being paid to write a personal essay, I work hard to keep things "balanced" and as "objective" as possible. It makes me feel good when people read my work and do not know what my personal feelings are about the matter at hand.

But really, blogging is the true journalism; it is, after all, comprised of online JOURNALing.

Still, while my blog states, somewhat, my political orientation, I've never published anything in a newspaper or magazine publicizing my views. So am I a journalist who supports Kerry? Or a blogger who supports Kerry?

Food for thought . . .

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