Thursday, April 17, 2008

Standing my ground

I said nothing wrong and did nothing to insult the Rosh Yeshiva or his memory. I merely said that in my opinion its better to remember him as a teacher than an inspirer. Teaching, in my opinion, is better than inspiring.

You are free to disagree or course, but how this simple opinion does him any disservice entirely escapes me.

I also called him a "wonderful man," and said "may his memory be a blessing" yet the unfair and biased jerks who visit my blog only to criticize and insult me found this insufficient and accused me of a whole crazy salad of crimes, none of which they bothered to substantiate or justify.

Ironic isn't it. Instead of staying away, as normal, well-adjusted people might, these insecure and jealous children return again and again to a blog they hate, with insults and demands, as they are slowly transformed into exactly the sort of monster they (wrongly) imagine me to be.

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