Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look who has graced us with a surprise visit


Incidentally, I am zonked like I've never been zonked before and that's the only think keeping me from (a) compiling a list of Renny's best post to serve as an intro for those of you who are newbies and not in the RenReb know (b) telling you all about my Sedarim (c) ranking on the pope, the city of New York, and that fool Rabbi who turned his shul into a dog and pony show right before Pesach.

Ok, I am zonked, but not too zonked to point this out.

The Rabbi and the Pope exchanged gifts last Friday, during the Pope's absurdly meaningless and inappropriate visit to the Park East Synagogue. The Rabbi who, no doubt wishes desperately to be loved, gave the king of the Catholics a silver seder plate and a box of matzohs (and we know what Catholics do with crackers.) In return, the Rabbi received from the Pope a reproduction of a Jewish manuscript kept in the Vatican Museum.

You read that correctly.

The Pope's gift to the Rabbi was a COPY of a document his predecessor STOLE which is kept locked away in a museum where only a select group of Jews and Jewish scholars may examine it. Talk about nasty. Its like if the school bully were to take your lunch and give you the bag, and maybe some wrappers, as a gesture of reconciliation.

Anyway, welcome back from the dead Renny, and let's hope Benedict doesn't attempt a similar trick with those unfortunate matzohs.

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