Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well, well, well. Look who's feeling the heat: Suddenly, Yeshiva World wants everyone to know that he has 20,000 daily readers (as if: I guess I have 2 million readers.) Wonder why YW felt the need to make that announcment? Also, wonder why he's suddenly started blogging stories having nothing whatsoever to do with the Yeshiva World (still no Kolko, though.)

Perhaps, Mister 20,000 + readers a day is feeling a little threatened by the emergance of News for Jews, the blog I annointed yesterday as Avis to YW's Hertz.

[Note: Don't misunderstand. I think YW is a very fine blog, and one the fulfills an important purpose. I'm just stirring up trouble, both because I can, and because I think its sweet to see a mega-blog running scared from a blog that arrived on the scene like 5 days ago. Root, root, root for the underdog, I always say!]

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