Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Breaking: HOAX supports FRAUD!

So many offensive things in this one little article, but I think the most offensive item is this:

"The head of a major Jerusalem cheder, or religious elementary school, “came to vote today,” Zell said. “He told me he had decided to vote, and explained to his students why he did so — because of the values of the Republican Party, belief in the Creator of the world and family values."
  1. Trump and family values? Really?
  2. Republicans and family values? Really? Sure, they are the party of family values, unless your family happens to be one of the following: poor, unemployed,non-white, uninsured, inner city, rural, single parent, disabled, atheist or democrat.
  3. And let's not spend any more time talking about family value icons like Trump and Gingrich and Giuliani who remain part stalwarts

Citing an unnamed Haredi mystic, Marc Zell says Trump campaign staffers were ‘amazed’ at the news
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