Thursday, September 01, 2016

Shulamith School Mistreats Workers

According to the Jewish Week, 29 Orthodox Jewish teachers were denied eight months of salary by the Shulamith School.

Though experiment: What would have happened if one of those female teachers had donned a talis during morning services? Would the administration had given her time to remove it before tossing her into the street?

What's caused Orthodox Jewish culture to go so wrong? Why do we anxiously and aggressively stamp out all signs of feminism, while shrugging our shoulders when workers are mistreated in violation of clear Torah laws?

I assure you that if Moshe Zwick, the executive director who withheld the salaries, had offered one of his students a questionably kosher chocolate bar he'd have lost both his job and his community status. Had he allowed female faculty members to wear talitot in school that would have been the end of his career in the Orthodox Jewish community. So what costs has he paid for abusing 29 employees?

Shulamith educators go public six years after being denied eight months of salary; claim ‘underhanded’ tactics.
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