Monday, August 22, 2016

Moshiach is here... now what?

Let's say the Moshiach arrives, and just for fun, let's say he's a strict Maimonidian.

Will all the people who pray to angels, and engage in kabbalah, etc, etc  suddenly drop their deeply ingrained ideas and beliefs, many of which have a strong emotional component? I doubt it..

Or let's say Moshiach is a Satmar. Do you think Lubavitch and the Religious Zionist (not to mention all the heterodox sects) will just say, "Whoops, I was totally wrong about everything I believed and held dear. All the things that made my Judaism meaningful are bunk., Stand by, while I reprogram myself and change my entire emotional and intellectual make-up over night."?  Yeah, right.,

Think, for a second, about Matan Torah. 40 days later there were still idolaters in the camp. Did Moshe try to win them over with charm and politics. Did he muster better arguments?  Did he elect to live and let live? No! He sent a squad of Levites to kill 3000 of them.

Won't the same thing happen, but on a much larger scale, during the first phases of Moshiach's reign?

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