Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Kim David

If you know exactly what God wants you to do, it's weird you've only risen to the position of county clerk in Kentucky. (via LOLGOP)

I feel bad for Kim David. Sure, she's a backwards bigot who is violating her elected oath and her professional obligations, but at the same time can't Orthodox Jews relate? We know what its like to have professional obligations that don't coincide with our religious beliefs.

Our forefathers often were told to choose between Shabbos and employment. Their forefathers were asked to earn a living without charging interest.

In the case of Shabbos, those dirty liberals saved us by convincing the industrialists that a shorter work week helped us all.. In the case of interest, the Rabbis came to the rescue by creating the heter iska. Will some similar machination save Kim David? Probably not.

Meanwhile, she should quit instead of advancing the dangerous and pernicious notion that you, in your lone and personal wisdom, hold a veto over the Supreme Court.

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