Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hasidic coercion exists

On the post below this one, there's an argument as to whether or not coercion is used in Hasidic enclaves like Kiryas Joel and New Square.

On Twitter, exiles from both places have weighed in:

On the original thread, apologists for the Hasidim (and one imagines that they are either entirely ignorant or on the payroll) insist this is a simple case of no shoes=no service.  Living in a heiliga place like KJ comes with certain obligations. Meet the obligations, and you get to stay. Fail to meet the obligations, and the natural outcome is an invitation to leave. No different from how a swanky club operates.

What these apologists don't quite grock is that the "invitation" to leave is often accompanied by acts of violence, or social ostracism. In addition, you don't often lose everything - your children, friends and social and business networks - when a club tosses you out.

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