Monday, December 01, 2014

My late remarks on pruzansky's latest indiscretion

Dear Friends

I apologize for not doing my part to trounce pruzansky for his latest indiscretion.

As you probably know by now,  he recently published an article that even he (eventually) found embarrassing and had to delete but not before the Arab Hasbaraniks on social media were using it to prove that all Jews everywhere are racist and murderous at heart.

Only Jews like that Pruzansky are racist and murderous in their hearts, I told them. For whatever good that did.

In brief, Pruz reacted to the horrible events in Har Nof by calling on Israel to expel all the Arabs.  You can review the smoking snippet here.

Certainly Pruz was writing from the perspective of the pain all of us felt viewing those horrible photos of blood drenched talitot, but that's no excuse.  Not all of us who felt that pain allowed ourselves to devolve into barbarism. Those of us with character, and respect for human life did not react to the horror by advocating for Jews to commit a new horror of our own.

Pruzansky isn't a terrorist.  He'd never pick up a weapon and actually follow through with any of his insane prescriptions. The same can be said for the overwhelming majority of Arabs.

We Jews like to pretend that we'd be murdered in an instant were we to enter an Arab town but it isn't true.  Most Arabs,  like most Jews,  aren't murderous at heart. Like most Jews,  most Arabs simply want to coexist, make a few dollars, raise their kids and stay out of trouble.

If this sounds like a wishful, liberal fantasy you can thank the Arab murderers and loudmouths. Though they make up perhaps 1 percent of the Arab population they are loud and vicious enough to make it seem like all Arabs are drooling madmen.

Pruzansky is loud and vicious, but not violent. I'd never equate words with actions. You can't kill someone with an insult. Pruzansky is just a preacher with an intemperate streak and that's no crime. But the damage his tirade did to our national reputation is real. Just as I want every Arab to know pruzansky does not speak for me, there are multitudes of Arabs who desperately want us to accept that the terrorists do not act for them.

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