Friday, October 24, 2014

10 Years of Blogging

Ten years of blogging. Today I reached that milestone. You may find this hard to believe but when I started in October of 2004 I planned to wrap things up by January. Never, did I dream that I could sustain a writing project for more than a few months. Then came the first JIBs, a fun blog war or two, and I was hooked. Now, 10 years have passed. I've written nearly 10,000 posts, collected well over a million comments, and made countless friends and, unfortunately, enemies.

I'm not much of a memorist in part because I have an awful memory so I'll leave it to others to describe my contributions to the blogging world and the terrible harm I've done to Judaism (or vice versa).

Instead, let me just mark this day by thanking the readers and commenters who made blogging so addictive. Often you made me laugh, sometimes you made me scream, but almost always you taught me something new. I'm glad to have met almost all of you, even some of the trolls.

Perhaps I'll share more reflections over the next day or two. If you'd like to help things along and prod my memories with a question go right ahead.

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