Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pollard and more RW dishonesty

Will those right wing Jews who have always been deeply unfair and knowingly dishonest in their evaluations of president Obama continue to hate him after he frees Jonathan Pollard?

UPDATE: Surprise!! All the RW Zionists on Facebook think freeing Pollard is a horrible idea. What a shock! If Obama invented cold fusion they'd denounce that, too.

Additional points: 

(1) I don't think the president is considering this deal out of any special sense of benevolence for Jews or Israel. In fact, I hope benevolence has nothing to do with it. The president's job is to act in the best interests of the United States.Not to be benevolent. If Obama, like all of his predecessors,  believes keeping Pollard in prison is good for America, he's obligated to take this deal off the table. By the same token, if he thinks freeing Pollard advances American interests, he should close the deal as son as possible. 

(2) For years, we've heard that Pollard must be freed at all costs, but now that Obama is the one dangling a deal many on the right are suddenly backing away. They seem to think this is all part of Obama's latest plot to damage Israel becaus the deal requires Israel to free some Palestinian prisoners. (It also requires major concessions from the Palestinians.)

Now, it may be true that releasing those prisoners hurts Israel, but that's not Obama's problem. His job is to advance American interests. Often those interests coincide with Israeli interests, but when they don't: tough titty. The sovereign state of Israel has its very own democratically elected prime minister who can - and should - reject the deal if he agrees that it will hurt Israel. If he's too weak to do that tossing him out is the proper remedy, not defaming his more accomplished negotiating partner.
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