Monday, February 17, 2014

Poor kids

I don't understand the math for millennials who are now trying to bravely make their way in the world as full-freight adults.

They probably have educational debt, and lots of it. Jobs are scarce and pay very little. For example, I know one 22 year old who, at her first job, is doing the same work and boasts the same title I had at my first job, several centuries ago. She's also making the same salary. At such a depressed wage, how is she supposed to pay off her debt, save for a downpayment and all the rest?

It doesn't add up, and the prospects are even worse for frum millennials who may not have piles of student debt, but also can't live at home until they're 25. They want to have sex, I mean they want to start families, which precludes staying at home. And then come the tuitions.

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